Joyful Travels and Tours is a new travel agency, established in Thailand.

We focus mainly on incoming tourism, but we also offer tours of the region as well as surrounding regions, at affordable prices. Our goal is to give clients customized offers which will help them optimize their vacation time while getting the best experience they can afford.

Our connection with hotels, private accommodations, and bus companies are all aimed towards making your stay as long and enjoyable as possible.

Gerald Thompson is a free spirited explorer, tourism blogger, and photographer. He worked in the tourism business for five years before deciding to take up full-time blogging and photography, while traveling the world.

He is very fascinated by the cultural evolution of societies and writes detailed assessments based on his experience, on places which offer the best tourism experiences around the world.

A very accommodating person, he is always open to cooperation as well as suggestions from open minded people on the best way to pass his opinions across to the world.